DUI Task Force nets 36

Round 36 suspected DUI drivers were picked out of the road by the DUI Lycoming County Task Force during an enforcement campaign held in Labor that started mid-month of August to the 5th of September.

William Solomon, coordinator of the task force, reported that officers were conducting patrols countywide and were able to apprehend at least 27 motorists who were driving under the influence of either alcohol or controlled substances.

Called "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," the campaign snagged an additional nine motorists with who were DUI as they passed checkpoint conducted on the side of Southern Williamsport along Market Street Bridge last Saturday night.

Solomon said that two of those arrested were DUI suspect aside from smoking marijuana.

There were two minors found inside the vehicle of the driver the charge will both be DUI and driving with children in the vehicle along with drug charges.

If the National Safety Board for Transportation is able to get the cooperation of Pennsylvania, as well as other states, bar addicts might have to limit their beer intake. States are motivated to lessen the BAC levels from 0.08% down to 0.05%.

Last Tuesday, the board voted to encourage all states to lower the level in an effort to prevent driving under the influence-related deaths.

The 0.08 % BAC limit was followed by all 50 states adopting upon higher standards for drivers younger than 21.

Although the board is not empowered to change state laws, it can put the pressure on legislators to tighten regulations.

In the state of Pennsylvania, drivers can be charged with DUI if their BAC is lower than 0.08 percent, but investigators also considered other contributing factors if drinking is considered as a cause.

According to the Safety Board, they believed that more than1, 000 lives could be saved each year if states lower the legal limit. They also estimated that half of all criminal justice cases are DUI-related.

Safety Board reported that more than 100 countries have already adopted the 0.05 % alcohol content standard or lower. In Europe, due to the reduction, the number of traffic fatalities caused by drunken driving was lessened by more than 50% within 10 years after the standard was dropped.

Executive director with the PA DUI Association, C. Stephan Erni said that his organization has always asked people not to combine two adult behaviors - drinking and driving.

Erni said that the state Department of Transportation spent more than $24,000 for every person they saved in a DUI traffic stop. The measures include prevention, enforcement and treatment.

Most people get arrested for DUI have BACs through the roof. This kind of law will prevent law- abiding citizens from committing easy mistakes. The start of drink impairment is only one drink.

An estimated 10,000 deaths per year in the United States were attributed to alcohol-impairment driving that making up about 30% of all U.S. highway deaths.

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Source: Sun Gazette Com


Source: YDR Com


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